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Ecological company organized the pre-holiday safety and environmental protection work deployment meeting

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-10-24 08:57 Number of readings:


On September 28, the ecological company organized a pre-holiday safety and environmental protection work deployment meeting。会议学习了习近平总书记关于Safe production和生态保护重要论述和批示指示精神,传达了集团公司9月26日第四次安委会(扩大)会议精神。
As requested by the meeting,一是It is necessary to pay close attention to hidden danger investigation and rectification, closely focus on the special rectification 2023 action for major accident hidden danger investigation, solidly carry out hidden danger investigation, achieve closed-loop sales, and establish checks and reforms。二是It is necessary to strengthen safety education, further improve the safety management system and strengthen safety investment。Through safety education and training, effectively improve the safety awareness of all employees and improve the essential safety level。三是To strictly emergency duty, normal production and operation of the company or project, safety management personnel must be on duty to ensure that information is smooth, do a good job in autumn flood, geological disaster prevention and emergency duty。At the same time, arrange special personnel to pay close attention to the rain situation and early warning information, if there is any danger, immediately evacuate and report to ensure a safe holiday, social harmony and stability。(王琛)