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Ecological company: tighten the "safety string" before the festival to ensure safe production without hidden dangers

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2022-01-28 09:24 Number of readings:


         On January 27, the ecological company held a safety production deployment meeting, which was carried out in the way of "offline + online live broadcast"。

The meeting informed the company's overall operation and safety production in 2021, and deployed various key work before and after the Spring Festival。
The meeting required that, first, overall consideration should be taken into account, and good implementation should be carried out to ensure a successful conclusion of all work this year。Second, always tighten the string of production safety, and persevere in the work of production safety。Third, strictly implement the COVID-19 prevention and control requirements of the Group, and do a good job in regular epidemic prevention and control。The fourth is to build a strong ideological defense line, hold the bottom line of discipline, and celebrate the holidays with integrity and civilization。(岳文青)